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"Image is Everything." This is the company philosophy that drives the product development team of Image Dynamics, an industry leader in high-end car audio speakers. Image Dynamics takes a no-compromise approach to manufacturing products that attain the highest level of sound quality. Perhaps best-known known for their horn loaded compression drivers (HLCD) and components, Image Dynamics subwoofers and signal processors are also setting the standards for performance. The company has dominated in the competition circuit, with more trophies than all other horn loaded compression driver manufacturers combined.

IDQ12 12-Inch SubwooferIDQ subwoofers are designed to deliver tremendous low frequency extension from small enclosures. These awesome subs handle great amounts of power and deliver enough impact to satisfy those who crave nothing but maximum SPL without sacrificing low frequency extension and sound quality.

IDQ12 12-Inch SubwooferIDQ subs feature mica filled polypropylene cones and dust caps, which have excellent damping characteristics for low-distortion even at elevated sound levels. The surrounds and front gaskets are rubber and are molded as one piece for maximum durability. The motor structure uses a super-extended pole piece and deep bump backplate for long linear excursion capability. The vented pole piece, as well as the four-layer voice coil with thermally conductive former, can handle the heat generated at high power levels.

Horn Loaded Compression Drivers

Image Dynamics' controlled dipersion horn loaded compression drivers are considered by many to be the ultimate high frequency drivers. HLCD drivers are available in various configurations to meet every application and budget. The flagship model is the CD2, which is available in two models: the V.2, and the new compact MH version. CD2 compression drivers utilize 1.75" titanium diaphrams, edge wound aluminum ribbon wire voice coil, and high power motor stuctures. With an efficiency rating of 109 dB, they provide an intense dynamic impact and high resoluton with even low-power amplifiers. The new CD1PRO is also available in both regular and mini horn sizes. Like the CD2 series, the CD1PRO features a titanium diaphragm for increadible resolution and detail. The CD1E is a cost effective HLCD speaker and is available seperately or as part of a component set.

CS1.6 Component Set

The CS component sets consist of CD1E HLCD speakers and IDQ mid bass drivers for a unique, and sweet sounding mid and upper range system. The component sets feature CS1.X ultra-high quality 24 dB Linkwitz-Riley crossover networks.

CX52 Mid-bass/Midrange Driver With Removable Tweeter


Signal Processors

IDQ31 31 Band Constant Q Equalizer

The IDQ31 31 band equalizer features constant Q filters, +/- 12 dB range of equalization, selectable differential balanced or unbalanced inputs/outputs, and adjustable subsonic and infrasonic filters. The IDX24 active crossover features a 24 dB per octave Linkwitz-Riley filter design and phase switchability.


Controlled Dispersion HLCD Speakers

Image Dynamics HLCD speakers are specifically designed to overcome the problems associated with the mobile audio environment. They have efficiency ratings that are unmatched by conventional high frequency drivers and can provide increadible output levels even with moderately powerered amplifiers.

ID HLCD Driver

Image Dynamics HLCD speakers feature very low resonant frequencies, which produces very low harmonic distortion and tremedous dynamic range thanks to their high efficiency ratings. Space-saving mini horns allow enthusiasts with compact vehicles to take advantage of the unmatched performance of HLCD speakers.

Multi-Mount Technology

The multi-mount tweeter design of the Chameleon separates allows you to choose the best mounting positions for your vehicle. They can be used as coaxials for drop-in applications or as component sets for improved imaging due to better tweeter placement.


Uni-Surround One Piece Surround and GasketImage Dynamics' unique Uni-surround utilizes a one-piece rubber surround and gasket for improved durability and cosmetics, compared to a conventional two-piece surround and gasket.